Writing Prompt: Film Legend

Film has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. From an early age, my mother taught me to appreciate actors, directors, screenwriters and all of the people behind the scenes that spend their careers entertaining the masses. As a tribute to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, arguably one of the greatest actresses of all time, I want this prompt to be about films or actors that have made an impression.

One of the first epic films my mother ever made me watch was “Giant”. This film was more than the chronicle of a family across three generations, it was a social commentary tacking issues such as racism, class division and the American dream. The stand out character, “Lesley” was played by Elizabeth Taylor, who spends the span of the film trying to enhance the lives of the people around her and enlighten her racist husband, “Jordon” (plated by the late Rock Hudson). This was also James Dean’s third and final film.

What made an impression was not just the film’s message, scale, settings, cinematography and story, it was the fine acting throughout. These element are what make this one of my all-time favoutire films.

So, think back, has a film or a particular performance ever made a big impression?

RIP Elizabeth Taylor – I’ll be watching all your films this week.

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