Writing Prompt: Speed writing

I have exactly 6 minutes to write before I have to get to something else. so, I’m just going to keep typing away in the hopes that something interesting comes out. Try this, start writing non-stop for five minutes without editing or thinking. Just write, as I’m doing now. There is nothing that has to amkes sense. Type about the events of the day in a narrative form or try to remember a bit of dialogue or something funny you heard on the bus on the way to work. Or, you can turning on the TV and listen to s scene from a film or TV show as you write? What do you hear? I for one am listening o Robin Hood on Sky TV. IT’s the one by Ridley Scot, not that tool Kevin Costner. There was something basically wrong with that version and although this one was better, it still doesn’t quite cut it. I get the impression that Scott was trying to make another Gladiator. Failed, but still entertaining. The cat is looking at me and no doubt wondering when she is going to get fed and cuddles. Ok – 1 minute to go. I’m not sure what more to say, but that is the point of this exercise, to just write and see if there is anything flloating around there. If nothing else, I can see how quickly I can type in that amount of time. I hae something cooking in the kitchen. Potatoes with bacon and cream, my mother used to make that for lunch sometimes I might come back and write about some of her culinary adventures. Time’s up = no editing, good night.

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