Writing Prompt: Dead Things

Someone I know accidentally ran over her kid’s cat. I can only imagine how horrible she felt. Of course, she never told the kids who really killed kitty, but when I think of all the pets that have come and gone in my life, I can sympathise with how dreadful those kids must have felt.

At my front window, I can see a vase with dried flowers. They’ve been there for weeks and I haven’t thrown them out. I know I should replace them, or at least get rid of the pathetic remains of once-white lilies, but I can’t seem to bring myself to drop the withered stems and crumbling petals into the compost bin.

Someone I met a few years ago died a three weeks back and although I didn’t know him well, I can only imagine the devastation of those close to him, his friends, his parents, all those who he has left behind.

It’s strange how nothing and no one is permanent and how everything that dies lingers in the memory. I believe that almost everyone has lost something or someone. How do we cope and move on when someone or something we’ve come to know and love is no longer there?

Write about something that is no longer in your life. How did its presence affect your life?

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