Writing Prompt: Red Dress

I pulled hanger after hanger from the wardrobe creating a disorganised pile of tangled fabric and colour on the unmade bed. At the foot of the wardrobe I observed a mangled pile of shoes. Heels, flats, boots espadrilles, slippers and trainers in varying states of disrepair smiled up at me as if they were willing me to pull them out too, match them with their mates and find something fitting to match them with. Back on the bed, a tag peeked out from the pile. Once again, a garment was bought and unworn. I terrible about this, I thought. I can never bring myself to throw anything away, yet I still have the urge to wander into the shops. A wardrobe full of “nothing to wear”.

Then, just as I begin to sift through the mixed patterns of sleeves and trouser legs, I spot it, the skinny dress. It’s that one item in your closet that you can never quite bring yourself to throw away, no matter how faded the garment, or how much weight you’ve put on. I know in my heart I’ll never be able to squeeze into it again, but I’ve had too many good times and fond memories of that dress to get rid of it.

The dress is sleek, orange red, knee-length with cut out sleeves and little straps holding it up. It was a favourite of the summer months, standing out in a beer garden in the middle of Covent Garden. It was a trusted friend in the clubs of Edinburgh and drew people’s eyes in a Mexican restaurant outside of San Francisco.

Everyone has an article of clothing that brings back memories, whether it’s a tee-shirt from a concert, a dress or outfit worn at a significant event or just that one thing that always made you feel like a million dollars.

Flick through your wardrobe and see if there’s something that stirs up a memory and write about it. I’m having a clear out, but my faithful red dress is staying.

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