Writing Prompt: Cat Nap

The cat is sitting on the sofa snoozing. I envy her. Often, when I’m trying to write, I feel sleepy and distracted. I think that only a few minutes with my eyes close will do the trick. It’s hard to get creativity going if you’re in a bit of a slump. There always seems to be something more urgent. The laundry needs doing, I really must go make a pumpkin pie – right now, I need to take the rubbish out. The truth is, that inspiration is fickle. You need to go after it and throw a lasso over it, ties it down and not give up.

So, despite the fact that I’m rambling right now, the dishes can wait. The cat is snoring and as much as I want to tell her to shove up and make room for me on the sofa, I need to crack on. I’m glancing around the room searching for a hint to where inspiration is hiding and my eye falls on a photo album.

Photos are actually a great source of inspiration when you’re stuck. They can bring back memories or give you idea of theses or settings. Try this, pick a random word from the dictionary. Plug it into Google and hit the Images button and see what come up. From the search results, pick an image and focus on it until a story springs to mind. Get writing and don’t stop until you’ve got 500 words at least. Once you’ve done that, reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a biscuit. Then go back and keep going.

Happy Writing.

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