Writing Prompt: Anywhere but here

I daydream about far away places; places I’ve been, places I’ve read about and places that possibly only exist in my mind. From my window, far off in the distance, I can see the motorway paving the way for thousands of cars every day traveling here and there. Most are only going to work, but I like to imagine that some of them are people heading out to some new place. Without travel, without new experiences, I feel like we miss something. Maybe it’s the chance for adventure, maybe is the chance to meet someone new or maybe it’s the opportunity to come back to things you’ve taken for granted. Today I’m bored with my surroundings. The sun is out and I can see for miles, but what I’m really dreaming of is some distant land I’ve never explored.

Tomorrow will be filled with routine. Thursday, I’ll look out onto the Forth and watch the sunset. Next week I’ll pick some random place and start wandering until I don’t know where I am and there is nothing familiar. If I’m alone, I’ll find a place to write what I see. If I find myself around new people, I might start a conversation with a total stranger and see what stories they have to tell.

One thing is for sure, from now on, once a week, I’m going to try something new. I’ll start small, getting lost in my own town, but eventually, I want to go further afield and see what adventures I meet…

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