Writing Prompt: Opening Lines

It seems like lately I'm having a hard time getting started. When I'm tired, had a long day and am just plain not in the mood, getting going is tough. So, for all those out there that suffer from the same affliction, here are 10 opening lines to help you get started. 1. When she... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Point of View

This is one of those difficult things to decide when you're working on a story. Do I tell it from the first person point of view or the third? Can I tell it from the point of view of multiple characters, or do I stick to one voice? One way of helping to solve the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Writing on wind

I emerged from Waverley Station at the precise moment that a gust of wind bellowed through the stairwell and pushed me backwards. It was just a little stumble, but it was just enough to send the thin skirt of my dress flying. I had a heavy, long coat on that reached just above my knees.... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Secret to Swimming

The chlorine stung my eyes. As soon as we walked into the indoor pool area, I was nervous. Mom lead me by the hand to the water's edge where other children had already gathered and were easing their way into the water. The swimming instructor was tall, lean with dark hair. He couldn't have ben... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Perfume

I walked past someone on the street and caught a light scent of perfume I couldn't identify. There was a hint of peach, some light floral scent, like a magnolia and maybe vanilla mixed in. I've stuck to certain perfumes throughout the years, each one marking out certain stages in my life. Chanel 5 was... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Sleep Deprivation

My apologies for not writing for a while. I've been working hard and sleeping little. Last night I attended an all-night horror film festival in Edinburgh, which is something of a tradition with myself and a few close friends. What struck me was that over the years, I've managed to stay away through caffeine, adrenaline... Continue Reading →

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