Writing Prompt: Sleep Deprivation

My apologies for not writing for a while. I’ve been working hard and sleeping little. Last night I attended an all-night horror film festival in Edinburgh, which is something of a tradition with myself and a few close friends. What struck me was that over the years, I’ve managed to stay away through caffeine, adrenaline and pure stubbornness, but this time, I found I couldn’t go the distance. My friend gave me a little nudge just before the last film of the night (5am start) and asked if I wanted to go home. I gave a pathetic little nod and ordered a cab. By 6am, I was tucked up in bed and purring away like my cat, happy to be under the duvet. When I woke, my first though was of coffee, the next was to wonder what the furry thing on my head was (the cat) and finally, whether or not I would be considered a wimp if I wanted to duck out on the rest of the festival? There are 8 more hours of this to look forward to and I have a 6am flight in the morning. With this in mind, all I want to do today is have a comfortable evening in with my friend, a book, some glossy magazines (guilty pleasure) and a take away…so, the question is, am I getting old?

Think back, we’ve all had all-nighters before. I’ve been out all night for parties, work projects, studying for exams, or trying to meet a deadline. So, describe one such instance and write about what you did awake while the rest of the world around you was asleep. Describe the sunrise if you witnessed it, or that first moment when you realised that the night was gone and a new day was started. Where you alone or with friends? Have you ever been out all night and walked home in the morning?

Have fun. I’m off for a nap.

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