Writing Prompt: Perfume

I walked past someone on the street and caught a light scent of perfume I couldn’t identify. There was a hint of peach, some light floral scent, like a magnolia and maybe vanilla mixed in. I’ve stuck to certain perfumes throughout the years, each one marking out certain stages in my life. Chanel 5 was my mother’s scent. One of my first was Obsession, by Calvin Klein, right about the time I was in High School and it was still considered a chic perfume. In later years, right about the time I was starting university, my friend Lisa bought me a bottle of Gianfranco Ferre. It was strong, almost musky and lingered on my hairbrush. Just as I was leaving for England it was Fendi. When I was getting my first job in the City, I adopted my mother’s signature scent of Chanel 5 until a series of gifts left with a stockpile I haven’t been able to get rid of. You see, it was on a trip to Dublin with my best friend five years ago that I learned the art of layering, taking two or three scents and blending them together until they’re all yours. I found two that worked together and they’ve followed me wherever I’ve gone. I start with a light coat of Pomegranate. One quick spray on the wrist and one along my neck. I run the excess along my other wrist then reach for the other bottle. This time, I reverse the order, applying one quick spray of red rose on my neck, the a dab on one wrist, then the other. The combination is interesting, something soothing at first, until you catch a hint of the fruit pomegranate. I feel naked without it.

There are some perfumes that linger in the memory. Think back. Was it your mother’s lavender oil, or a hint of lilacs in your grandmother’s hair? DId you once give your girlfriend a perfume bottle as a gift because of the shape of the bottle, or did you let a spritzer girl spray you with a perfume bottle before you bought it? If you wear perfume, what is it you like about it? This is such a personal thing. No scent smells the same on every person who wears it. So, what scents attract you?

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