Writing Prompt: Opening Lines

It seems like lately I’m having a hard time getting started. When I’m tired, had a long day and am just plain not in the mood, getting going is tough. So, for all those out there that suffer from the same affliction, here are 10 opening lines to help you get started.

1. When she reached the grave, there were flowers already there. A white card was tucked into the bundle of yellow roses.

2. Each year, she went to her computer and wrote the same message to him. She had been doing this for five years with no reply.

3. When he checked the damage, it was clear that there would be some difficult explaining to do.

4. “What are we going to tell Mom and Dad about this?” Molly said. Tom glanced up at his sister and said, “We’ll lie…lie our asses off.”

5. They had been sure that they’d reach the next petrol station, but as the car sputtered, jerked and eventually died, they realised that they were in the middle of the desert.

6. Nobody knew where she was going. She only had a vague inclination herself, but she reached the airport and scanned the board for the next available flight.

7. As the final punter left the pub and they began clearing the tables of empty and half empty glasses, the bar staff found something quite unexpected under the table of the booth in the corner.

8. She was the last person in the office. The cleaners had come and gone and all that remained was the buzz of her computer and a vague awareness that the motion sensor lighting in the hall was suddenly on.

9. “Do you mind if I sit here?” Anna said to the old gentleman seated by the cafe door.

10. James sat on the edge of the bed with the book in his hand and began to read aloud.

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