Writing Prompt: Tea and Sympathy

I’ve had a bad day. I can admit it. A lot of things went wrong (though not of my doing), just the same, I need to work out how to fix things and try not to let it ruin my night. It’s hard sometimes not to let the daily grind get to you. So much of your life is spent at work, you get bogged down with the troubles of others and the business issues that, when you think about it, really aren’t that important. Unless you’re spending your days feeding the hungry or trying to shelter the homeless, you shouldn’t get too stressed about work. I mean, really, are your actions of the day or of those around you likely to result in the death or maiming of others? No? Then don’t sweat it. Do your best, life moves on…

So, having had the revelation that everything is going to ok, I still need a hug and a cup of tea. Why? Simple – because I got myself all stressed and bothered before I went to the gym to get the endorphins going, before Titch came bouncing up the stairs to greet me and wrap herself around my legs, before I pulled a quilt over my shoulders…I need tea, the missing ingredient. Maybe I’m English after all…

When you’re stressed or sad, what makes it all better?


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