Writing Prompt: A Brief History

Have you ever tired to jot down a your autobiography? How far back can you remember? This exercise is simple.

Write out a list of all the major events in your life.  Try to add a timeline to these wherever possible. For instance:

Got 100% on first science exam – age 11,

had first crush, age 9,

discovered twinkies, aged 5,

got into fist fight – age 8,

won first fight, age 13.

first kiss, aged 14.

first flower delivery – age 14,

flew a plane – aged 23,

climbed up Mt. Whitney – aged 25,

first speeding ticket – aged 16 (three days after acquisition of drivers license).

Rode an elephant in the jungle – aged 29

Learned how to make balloon animals – aged 15

Crashed first car – aged 16

Helped save a life – aged 14

Learned to swim – aged 9

Understood death – aged 5

So, go on and on until you have a pretty complete picture of your life. Once you have this, pick six lines at random and every day construct a narrative about each event. that should keep you busy!

Leave it for a week, go back and read what you’ve read. Does your life sound interesting to you?

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