Writing Prompt: Why do we write?

Although I have this blog, it’s rare for me to encourage people to read my work outside of this platform. I’ve written stories, kept journals and written essays. It’s rare for even my own family to know what’s out there. Thousands and thousands words I’ve written and on the whole it is strangers. I’ve finally put my collection together into an eBook. It was my friends that persuaded me to do it. I’m afraid people won’t like them. Even worse is the thought that no one will read them. So, why do we write if not for an audience? I’m going to keep going, because it’s something I’ve always done.

This question haunts me. Why do I write? It is in the hope of understanding myself and others? Why do you write? Do you share? Do you seek out comment? Try this: make a list of why you write, how it makes you feel and what your ambition is as a writer.


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