Writing Prompt: Where the heart is…

I've decided to finally get my UK citizenship. After over a decade of calling the UK home, it feels like it's time. However, there is nothing that is going to change the fact that I'll always be a California girl. I've always been torn between my two countries. When I was in California recently, I... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Secret Recipe

To make Albondigas Soup, you start with all of your ingredients around you on the counter. The beef, the rice, the sliced and diced vegetables and of course, your herbs and other condiments. (I like to add some diced red chillies) I was squeamish when my mother stood there mixing the minced beef, rice and... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Sick Puppy

For the past four days I have scarcely left my room. I've been dropping weight and although I'm liking the way my clothes are fitting a bit better, I don't like the general lack of energy or inspiration beyond channel surfing and petting my cat. So, when you're feeling under the weather and a bit... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Shhh….

In an age where there is a constant stream of noise coming at you from every direction, it's hard to find yourself sitting in total silence, away from the buzz of traffic or the TV, music or people walking by. In my own house, I have got into the habit of always having some noise... Continue Reading →

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