Writing Prompt: Sick Puppy

For the past four days I have scarcely left my room. I’ve been dropping weight and although I’m liking the way my clothes are fitting a bit better, I don’t like the general lack of energy or inspiration beyond channel surfing and petting my cat. So, when you’re feeling under the weather and a bit sorry for yourself, how do you find inspiration to write?

I find that shopping on Amazon and iTunes helps a treat. It’s not the act of buying anything, but rather the appreciation of other people’s work out there as well as reading about new things from reviews and the recommendations of others. Even when you’re feeling poorly, there is still a way to appreciate creativity. Next time you feel rough, read reviews, watch videos and listen to new music. It not only takes your mind off the sick sorry feeling you may have, it may give you something to write about when you’re back on your feet again. Chin up.

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