Writing Prompt: Where the heart is…

I’ve decided to finally get my UK citizenship. After over a decade of calling the UK home, it feels like it’s time. However, there is nothing that is going to change the fact that I’ll always be a California girl. I’ve always been torn between my two countries. When I was in California recently, I was reminded of the beauty of the coast and the comfort of the sun on my face. People were friendly and I was surrounded by my family. However, the whole time I was also thinking of my friends in London and in Edinburgh. I wanted to share what was around me with them and I knew that if I ever went back to the US permanently, I’d be leaving behind a lifetime of friends and memories. Likewise, when I got home to Edinburgh, I immediately missed the sun and the sea, my family and the allure of a possibilities of LA. I guess the grass is always greener and as long as I love people in all of these places, I’ll always have several homes. I guess the truth is that I’ll never be completely satisfied. There will always be things and people that I love in California, England and Scotland; and as I explore the rest of the world, I’m sure I’ll add to the list.

So, where do you call home and what are the things you love about it? Write about that.

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