Writing Prompt: The River

From my window there’s a narrow, fast running river. Just beyond, there are wide fields overshadowed by a rolling set of hills and warm, friendly trees. There is a slight breeze and in the distance, grey clouds signal the coming of rain.

I should be out there, scrambling up the hill, but I’m happy where I am, with my view and my laptop and a tea tray at my side.

I find it remarkable how watching the river calms me and I can almost forget the stresses of life for a little while.

Different people have different connections to water. Can you ever recall sitting by a river bank or by the sea and feeling perfectly content?

Writing Prompt: Ouch

I let my finger nails grow too long, one got caught on my rucksack as I was slinging over my shoulder and snapped off. A bit of blood and a load of discomfort. Fortunately, the nice lady at the concierge desk where I’m staying had some plasters in he drawer. Unfortunately, it’s bright blue, so I have a giant blue plaster on my finger.

I’ve always been clumsy. I ran into a chest of drawers last weekend and now have a bruise the size of a peach on my upper arm. I was rushing for a train and skinned my leg against a bench as I squeezed past the crowds. Six weeks ago I tripped going down the stairs, put my hand out to balance myself and cut the back of my hand. It still hasn’t healed…

Once, whilst opening a wine bottle with a Swiss Arm Knife, I missed my target and sliced my finger nearly to the bone. I felt a bit woozy as the blood poured from my hand, but fortunately someone was there to catch me. I didn’t quite faint, but my knees went wobbly for a moment.

We all have our little stories about how we got our scars. If you have any, try to think about how you got it. Could it have been avoided? There’s usually a story there somewhere.  If not, make one up…

Writing Prompt: The Empty Office

You’re sat at your desk in an open plan office. Your colleagues are gone. The cleaners have mopped the floors and loaded the dishwasher. It’s raining outside. You’re surfing the net trying to motivate yourself to get finished with your work so you can go home, but you can’t face the walk in the weather. You think about ordering in a pizza and sleeping on the couch in one of the meeting rooms, but it’s a bit creepy up there, besides, you don’t have your toothbrush and the shops are shut. With a sigh, you get back to it and remember you need to get something off the printer, but at this hour, only the motion sensor lighting is on in the hallway and it’s pitch black if you don’t move fast enough. Did you remember your keys? How many paces is it from your desk to the light and the front door? You give yourself a mini lecture and tell yourself that the sooner you finish, the sooner you can get home to your own bed, some tea and the cat.  Then it happens, you hear something out in the dark corridor, you know, the one with the motion sensor lighting? The one with the light you can now see from the crack under the door….

Fill in the rest…

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