Writing Prompt: Ouch

I let my finger nails grow too long, one got caught on my rucksack as I was slinging over my shoulder and snapped off. A bit of blood and a load of discomfort. Fortunately, the nice lady at the concierge desk where I’m staying had some plasters in he drawer. Unfortunately, it’s bright blue, so I have a giant blue plaster on my finger.

I’ve always been clumsy. I ran into a chest of drawers last weekend and now have a bruise the size of a peach on my upper arm. I was rushing for a train and skinned my leg against a bench as I squeezed past the crowds. Six weeks ago I tripped going down the stairs, put my hand out to balance myself and cut the back of my hand. It still hasn’t healed…

Once, whilst opening a wine bottle with a Swiss Arm Knife, I missed my target and sliced my finger nearly to the bone. I felt a bit woozy as the blood poured from my hand, but fortunately someone was there to catch me. I didn’t quite faint, but my knees went wobbly for a moment.

We all have our little stories about how we got our scars. If you have any, try to think about how you got it. Could it have been avoided? There’s usually a story there somewhere.  If not, make one up…

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