Writing Prompt: Genre Writing

Most writers tend to stick to particular genres. I have alway leaned towards contemporary fiction and stayed away from Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Western. As a reader, I love all of these and have the utmost admiration for anyone who can write in these genres. However, I think in order to fully explore your imagination and... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Stranger Than Fiction

I glanced around the room and let my eyes rest on everyone around me. Each person has something interesting about them. It's not the physical characteristics that caught my notice. It was the sudden realisation that I know something about each of them that makes them unique. When you come down to it, the physical... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: North and South

It's interesting how places can be so different with only a few hundred miles between them. In California, I lived in both the north (San Francisco) and grew up in the south. There was a distinct contrast between attitudes, lifestyle, climate and culture. When you consider there were only 400 miles between my hometown and... Continue Reading →

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