Writing Prompt: Stranger Than Fiction

I glanced around the room and let my eyes rest on everyone around me. Each person has something interesting about them. It’s not the physical characteristics that caught my notice. It was the sudden realisation that I know something about each of them that makes them unique. When you come down to it, the physical characteristics of an individual will only go so far when you’re writing, but it is the little facts about how they behave, their history and speech that makes them special.

A woman in the corner leaned over her desk, typing away. The other day I met her on the street putting up posters for her missing cat. She had a friend with her and after a brief greeting, I wandered off, sad for her and the missing moggie. It made me think of how heartbroken I would be if I ever lost my little cat.

Nearby, a young man spoke on the phone. Although I sometime get the impression he is aware of people watching him, he’s quiet and buries he head in his work, a little late each morning and bolting out right on time every evening. He’s a sports fan. That is the measure of my knowledge of him.

There’s a fellow at the end of the hall that enjoys motor racing, keeps horses and dogs and often swears to himself when he’s annoyed.

One person is elated, then drops her shoulders, just a little calmer at the sight of a kitten. (much like myself).

In the next room, there’s a woman who spends time doing charity work, always has a kind word for others and is a vegetarian.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. I think it just hit me that everyone is so unique, so special in their own way. Everyone has some tendency towards good or evil, but there are so many little parts to a person. Pick someone you know. Don’t name names, just think of the things that make them unique, good and bad. Try to see them clearly. Add no judgement or opinion, just observation.

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