Writing Prompt: Genre Writing

Most writers tend to stick to particular genres. I have alway leaned towards contemporary fiction and stayed away from Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Western. As a reader, I love all of these and have the utmost admiration for anyone who can write in these genres. However, I think in order to fully explore your imagination and writing capabilities, it’s probably not a bad exercise to have a go at something you’re not used to.

Try this: pick a genre that you’re not used to writing in, like one of the following: Romance, Western, Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical…

Once you’ve decided on one, just jot down ideas for a story. You don’t necessarily need to write the whole thing, but start playing with plot lines or characters that would live within your new world.

An alternative exercise is to write an elevator pitch for a story or novel for 5 genres. See what comes out…

Happy writing!

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