Writing Prompt: Wishes

As we go through our lives, we make a thousand wishes. We wish for a sunny day for the picnic. As children, we wish for that particular present from Santa. As we grow older the nature of our wishes change. We wish for success with work, health for our friends and family, for a little peace of mind. My wishes have been born of a want for something grand in life. The desire has never changed, but been transformed into something more substantial. I have a sort wish to do something admirable. I wish with all my heart to change the lives of others for the better. I wish for the spark of inspiration to show me how. There is nothing noble in what I do for a living, so I wish for a way to use those skills I’ve nurtured for something better.

What do you wish for? Try to find expression for your dreams and desires. Be honest. What do you really wish for above all things?

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