Writing Prompt: Another Year

Well, today is my birthday. I’ve had loads of greetings and drinks and cake. This morning I feel a little fuzzy, but amongst the treats and wine, I’m filled with love. My friends and family have made me feel special and that goes some way to remove any feelings of stress or self-doubt I’ve felt of late.

Birthdays can be funny. In some ways we dread the time passing, that little reminder of our own mortality. In others, it’s a nice time to reflect on the year. It’s a chance to reboot and start again. It’s like a New Year for each of us. A time for ambition and resolution. I have so many grand plans for the year ahead and I’m eager to get started and make my friends proud of me, those people who have spent the time and effort to wish me well.

So, try this: write about what you would do with a full year to do as you please. Alternatively, think back on all the birthdays you’ve had. Do any of them stand out? Write in the style of a memoir.

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