Writing Prompt: Happy Halloween

I’ve always been fascinated by horror films. Although I prefer ghost stories, vampire flicks and zombie movies, now and again I enjoy watching the odd psycho slasher. Once a year I go to a four-day horror film festival and huddle in the dark with 200 strangers with a pint and my jacket raised up to my chin so that I can pull it over my eyes for the particularly disturbing bits.

My little black cat is pacing in front of me and I wonder where the myths about black cats comes from.

I start to daydream about the things that scare me and devise stories in my head that I want to write down. I think about being trapped in a house during the zombie invasion or finding myself lost in the woods at night. I’ve been trying to think of any films that ever really creeped me out.

The one that springs to mind at the moment is “30 Days of Night”. Right now, I’m watching “The Shining”

For today, write down anything that frightens you and try to spin a yarn about it. Alternatively, make a list of the 1o most frightening films you’ve ver seen and see if there’s a pattern. Are there any common themes?

Or….be bold and write down what really scares you, and I don’t mean horror in the conventional sense. What really gets your heart racing, makes your throat close and your hands shake. Think of true, unadulterated terror, the kind of fear you never want to feel or expose to others. Sometimes, its things in the real life that are truly frightening and it’s different for everyone.

Happy Halloween….

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