Writing Prompt: Silence

I’ve lost my voice again. When I travel too much or work too many hours, that’s the first thing to go. When I woke this morning, my throat was on fire. Intense pain shot through me, starting at my throat and making it’s way to the rest of me. It took three painkillers and another couple of hours of sleep to sooth the pain, but when I opened my mouth to speak, so sound came out.

I’m angry because I hate being ill. It started a few days ago, but it really hit today.  The frustration does not come from the pain or the illness as such, but that it is stopping me from getting things done. The very thing that has caused this, the over-tiredness and stress is the very thing I need to keep doing.

If I try to look at it another way, if I can’t speak, I can focus on what I need to get better and be grateful for technology.

When you think about it, 20 years ago, if you couldn’t speak you were really in trouble. No email, no texting, just a whispered call down the line to colleagues telling them you’re ill and that was it.

If you’ve never lost your voice, I can assure you it’s no picnic. However, it might be an interesting experiment to go through the day trying to communicate without it.

Have a go at going throughout your day without talking. How do you communicate? Can you discipline yourself to not use that part of ourselves that we take for granted?

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