Writing Prompts: Cold Hard Facts

It’s hard to admit your shortcomings or fears. One of the most interesting things about character development in writing is when we explore things like flaws, fears, or challenges. If there are no flaws in our characters, we have no story. There is nothing for them to overcome, and we, as readers, lose interest.

So, I’ve been thinking about things to write about, imperfections to write into my characters to give them conflict and create more interesting narratives.

What I’ve been thinking about are hard and uncomfortable truths about myself and others I know (draw from life but don’t name names… 🙂

  • I hate the cold, I mean, I REALLY hate the cold. (have you ever read “To Build a Fire” by Jack London?)
  • My biggest fear is drowning (three near misses and I’m a crap swimmer)
  • Tequila causes all sort of problems
  • I’m accident prone. So much so, that I have no less than 6 self-inflicted scars from everything ranging from kitchen knife wounds to tripping over my own feet to head-butting a metal post.
  • I hate quiet. Total silence makes me really uncomfortable. Even when I’m alone, I need to have the TV on or music playing. I can’t even drive four blocks from the train station to the house without music.
  • I love comic book films, not in a funny “oh how lame” way, I mean, I really look forward to them.
  • Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than not being able to see properly – probably because I’ve been blind as a bat since I was eight.
  • I hate that I never jacked in work and really took a chance at writing. (not too late).
  • I hate dogs. They creep me out and the fact that my parents have five of them means I don’t like going home as much as I used to. I’ve even fantasised about drowning them in the pool and making it look like and accident, but Mom wouldn’t be best pleased…

So, take a few of your own, apply them to a character in a story and dump them into a scenario that challenges them.

Have fun.

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