Writing Prompt: Nicknames

Ok, be honest. Everyone has one. Your parents, siblings, friends or even enemies hand them out throughout your life. I've acquired quite a few over the years and not necessarily for the reasons you'd think. The city of San Francisco is laid out in a grid system of streets and avenues. Neat rows that go... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: How to….

I was watching "The Sure Thing", that old John Cusack film and the scene where he's working on his creative writing essay "How to eat pizza without burning the roof of your mouth". It reminded me of one of the first writing exercises I did at university. It was a "How To" exercise. So, since... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Far Away Places

I've been thinking of my favourite places. I'll be writing about each of them today. What  I love, fantasies of when I'll go back and what I'll do when I get there. Try writing about your favourite places.        

Writing Prompt: Mind the Gap

This is more a question to ponder. How far are you from where you imagined your life to be when you were young and where it is? Try a couple of things. Draft, to the best of your ability what you thought you'd be doing when you were young and what you're doing now. Where... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Blown Away

The winds have been kicking up a fuss today. Trains are cancelled or delayed and many of my colleagues have gone home rather than risk being stranded in town this evening. I'm going to risk it in favour or a dinner party tonight. What's the worst than can happen? (Noticed how I tempted fate there?)... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Humbug?

When I was little, I loved Christmas. The big meals, the treats, made for TV specials featuring Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph and Santa, candy canes and of course, presents. My brother and I would sneak out of our rooms in the middle of the night and explore the brightly coloured packages under the tree,... Continue Reading →

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