Writing Prompt: Blown Away

The winds have been kicking up a fuss today. Trains are cancelled or delayed and many of my colleagues have gone home rather than risk being stranded in town this evening. I’m going to risk it in favour or a dinner party tonight. What’s the worst than can happen? (Noticed how I tempted fate there?)

As I wandered across the road, the wind nearly swept me into the street. My hair flicked across my face and for a moment, I couldn’t see. Not the best way to start the day.

I know weather affects most people in one way or another, but I think I’m a bit more sensitive than most. You can ruin my day with a few drops of rain on a windy day.  Maybe it’s because I’m from a warm climate. So, why did I move to Scotland? I’m still pondering that one…

So, look out the window and write about the weather or write a scene where weather plays an important role in what is happening to your characters.

I’m going to hide under the desk and put my coat over my head….


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