Writing Prompt: Nicknames

Ok, be honest. Everyone has one. Your parents, siblings, friends or even enemies hand them out throughout your life. I’ve acquired quite a few over the years and not necessarily for the reasons you’d think.

The city of San Francisco is laid out in a grid system of streets and avenues. Neat rows that go up and down, left to right. Near the bay is a neighbourhood called North Beach. It’s the little Italy of San Francisco and was my home. If you head towards the centre of town, the shopping and financial district is near Union Square. Right in the middle, between the two districts is Chinatown. At the weekend, if you’re trying to get from North Beach to Union Square, you need to pass through the narrow and crowded streets of Chinatown.

One day, a few of us were trying to get from the flat to Union Square. As we weaved out way through the crowded streets of Chinatown, my friends lost sight of me. I ducked and dodged the pushchairs, prams, shoppers, paper boys, merchants and vagrants. When I reached the gateway to Union Square, I took a seat beside a statue and waited. My friends reappeared 10 minutes later.

“She manoeuvred through that crowd like a ferret.”. That was my nickname ever since. So, “Wordferret”…@cityferret…that’s where it comes from.

So, think about your nicknames throughout the years and write about how you came by it.


Writing Prompt: How to….

I was watching “The Sure Thing”, that old John Cusack film and the scene where he’s working on his creative writing essay “How to eat pizza without burning the roof of your mouth”. It reminded me of one of the first writing exercises I did at university. It was a “How To” exercise.

So, since I’m sitting here with a few slices of pizza, I’m going to re-create John Cusack’s essay. Try something similar…


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