Writing Prompt: Theft

Have you ever stolen something? When you were a kid, did you nick something at school or from a pound shop? I once took $20 from my mom's purse. I felt bad, but it was just the once. The thing is, I sent some gift cards to a friend and just found out that the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Hide and Seek

My father built an extension on our house when I was growing up. He poured the foundation, put up the wooden frame and tucked the fibreglass insulation sheets into the walls. Finally, the brickwork, glass and roof went up and our house was complete. He did it all in a matter of months. Before all... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Long Goodbye

It's one of those things in life that can be short and sweet, long and drawn out, sad, painful... There have been times when I simply did not want to say goodbye. The unfriendly clock on the wall stole away the minutes like a thief, while I hovered, unwilling to tear myself away. It would... Continue Reading →

Quote for the day

It is not a bad idea to get in the habit of writing down one's thoughts. It saves one having to bother anyone else with them. Isabel Colegate

Writing Prompt: Cuddly Toy

I have collected a load of cuddly toys over the years. There's a ferret that friends gave me that still rests on my pillow. In my office, there is bunny rabbit that a colleague bought for me when we were out one day. I still don't really know why she gave it to me. We... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: We need to talk

This is one of the most frightening opening lines anyone can utter. Most people only say this when they have bad news (usually code for "you're about to be dumped"), but it would be interesting if we had a scene where all of the line we usually associate with negative connotations were in fact used... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Ten Minute Time Out

Imagine you had ten minutes to say or do ANYTHING without anyone ever knowing. How would you use that time. Write a story where you character can freeze time for ten minutes. What do they do, why do they do it and what are the consequences. Remember, no one will ever know of their actions.

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