Writing Prompt: Cuddly Toy

I have collected a load of cuddly toys over the years. There’s a ferret that friends gave me that still rests on my pillow. In my office, there is bunny rabbit that a colleague bought for me when we were out one day. I still don’t really know why she gave it to me. We were shopping after a meeting in London and when I spotted it in one of the shops, she tossed it on the pile of clothes she was purchasing then gave it to me. I never thought she liked me very much, so this gesture surprised me.

When I think back to all of the stuffed bunnies and teddy bears I’ve had in my life, there is one in particular that springs to mind. One of my brother’s first teddy bears was a small, simple little bear with black eyes and dark brown paws named Jerry. He had a hidden wind up music box in him that plays “Jack and Jill”. When my brother out-grew Jerry, I inherited him

Last time I was home there he was, still sitting on my bed where I left him. I went to sleep that evening and when I woke the next morning, I realised I was cuddling him like I did when I was a little girl. His music box still works after all these years.

Think back about one of your first toys. Describe it and try to recall how you got it.

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