Writing Prompt: Hide and Seek

My father built an extension on our house when I was growing up. He poured the foundation, put up the wooden frame and tucked the fibreglass insulation sheets into the walls. Finally, the brickwork, glass and roof went up and our house was complete. He did it all in a matter of months.

Before all that, when there was just a cement foundation, a few feet off the ground, my brother and I used the space to roller skate. It was like we had our own little stage.

When the frame and insulation went up, I discovered a new place to hide when we played hid and seek with the neighbours’ kids. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the dangers, so when I was caught by my father, tucked away between layers of fibreglass, I got the spanking of my life.

So, write a story or memoir about playing a game as a child.

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