Writing Prompt: Diet is “die” with a “t”

I’ve struggled with my weight for about the past ten years. I was a skinny kid. I could eat anything and never gain an ounce. Somewhere is my early twenties my metabolism decided to grind to a halt. Since then I’ve battled it out with diets, exercise and glam mags telling me that if I wasn’t a stick insect, I was ugly. Well, I never bought that, but I do acknowledge the fact that I have become way too unfit for my age. I’ve been thumbing through all of my old diet magazines and low-calorie cook books and have come to one conclusion. If intake is less than calories consumption, you will drop weight. Simple huh? So, no more diets for me, just going for a game of tennis…

Have you ever tried to do something and failed? How did you feel? It could have been anything like learning to swim, having a recipe go horribly wrong or failing a driving test. How did you approach failure? Did you try again or give up, blame the situation, change the parameters, in short, this prompt is about failure and how we overcome it. Write a scene where a character’s endeavours go spectacularly wrong. How do they cope?

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