Writing Prompt: Theft

Have you ever stolen something? When you were a kid, did you nick something at school or from a pound shop? I once took $20 from my mom’s purse. I felt bad, but it was just the once. The thing is, I sent some gift cards to a friend and just found out that the greeting card, along with the gift cards were stolen somewhere between the letter box and their door. The envelope arrived empty. It’s vile that someone would do that. I know there are instances when things go missing in the post, but to know that something was deliberately stolen from a carefully sealed envelope, to know that someone ripped it open, helped themselves and added the final insult of dropping the empty wrapping through the post is too much to bear. Better to take the whole lot and bin the unwanted envelope than for me to know that they were so flagrant. I’m angry, both at the loss of the gift and the brazen behaviour.

Stealing is wrong, whether it’s a few quid from your brother’s piggy bank when he’s not looking or lifting someone’s wallet on the Tube, but for some reason, this seemed worse.

Anyway, rant over. Write a narrative either from the point of view of someone contemplating a theft, or a victim. Relay how each person in the situation feels and reacts. What is the thief’s motive and how does the victim react?

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