Writing Prompt: Fancy Dress

When I was little, I loved going through my mother's wardrobe and trying on her clothes. They were huge on me and her shoes hurt my feet. I loved a particular pair of bright red high heel stilettos that were 3 inches high and looked like they belonged on a actress from "Dallas". It was... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Fruity

I sat at the desk peeling an orange. It was the biggest orange I've ever seen, the size of a softball. I've been ill lately and decided that I need more vitamin C. As I rummaged through the kitchen I realised there wasn't any more fruit to be found. Not fresh anyway. Jam, pie, tinned... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Angels, Unicorns and Dragons

Write a story about any of these.┬áMaybe someone finds a unicorn in the garden. Perhaps the statue of the dragon in Krakow comes to life one day. Maybe a cyclist is killed on the road through his own recklessness and comes back as a guardian angel to the remorseful driver that accidentally killed him? I... Continue Reading →

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