Writing Prompt: Fresh Linen

As I pulled the sheets, freshly washed from the dryer, I let out a big yawn and began to think about bedtime. There’s something wonderful about the feeling of warm sheets straight from the dryer.

There are a lot of little things that make life a little more pleasant each day. Fresh linen, the smell of coffee and bacon frying. I love clipping the tags off of a new dress and when my cat leaps up the stairs, the bell on her collar signalling her imminent arrival at my side and when she climbs on my chest to lick my chin to wake me in the morning. I love pulling the electric blanket from my bed and climbing in. My favourite time of the day is dusk, just as the sun is going down and red light is pouring in from the living room window.

I guess this post is about little things you love. Start writing about what you like.


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