Writing Prompt: One Whole Day

I woke up this morning without a care in the world. I had no one to please, nowhere to go. There’s snow outside, the fire is lit, I have everything I could need at my disposal. There’s a jacuzzi, a gym, a little shop, a comfy sofa, free coffee on tap. I feel like Paul Sheldon from Stephen King’s “Misery” but without the crazy, ankle-breaking sadistic fan. I feel like  could spend weeks here alone with the snow writing and relaxing. 

I have a day planned for just myself. 

1. watch a random pay per view film “Detached” – Adrian Brody. Depressing, but worth the $16 rental fee

2. Blog – check 😉

3. Gym (first time in months!) Bring on the endorphins

4. Curry for breakfast – check (leftovers from last night)

5. Jacuzzi – with a book

6. Call my Mom and spend more than 10 minutes 

The rest, I’ll just make up as I go along…oh yeah, there’s a steak, a very big steak in my plans somewhere…

If you had 1 day where you didn’t have to do anything but what you wanted, what would it be?

Writing Prompt: Anticipation

We’ve all had that feeling. That moment when you open the letterbox or log in to your email and there it is, a letter or inbox with new messages. When you’re waiting for something in particular to arrive, you have that moment of anxiety, will it be there? Then there is either that flash of disappointment and acceptance when you realise it’s junk mail. if you’re lucky, the message you were waiting for you is there and you have an entirely different charge of electricity running through you as you open your message and read what lies within.

I’ve been working away on my laptop and my heart skips a beat when I see a new message flash in my inbox. I eagerly hover the mouse to the message and click, but alas, it’s not what I’m waiting for…

If you could receive any message from anyone, what would it be? Write it down, send it to yourself. Enjoy.


Writing Prompt: Heirloom

I looked in the mirror and spotted the necklace I was wearing. It’s marcasite, one heart framed with another hanging from a silver chain. It was one of many gifts my mother gave me. On my fingers are the rings she has given me and it occurs to me that almost every piece of jewellery I ever owned was a gift from her. 

Do you have anything special that has been handed down? Write about something you’ve been given or about something you would like to pass on to someone else when you’re gone. 

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