Writing Prompt: Current Events

This exercise is pretty simple.

Every day we get bogged down with day to day events. When we see our friends, if we haven’t caught up in a while, it’s easy to highlight the big events like new jobs, junior walking, moving house, etc. At other times, we go through day to day routine and answer the “what’s new” question with “nothing much, same old stuff”. The truth is that there is so much going on all around us, that there is story potential everywhere you look. That’s what observation and human interaction provides.

Try this. Think back to the past 24 hours and write down what you did any observations or anything that springs to mind inspired by the past 24 hours. Pick something and write about it in detailed description. Even if you spent the day watching tv, what did you watch, how did you feel and why did you choose it out of all of the infinite possibilities?

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