Writing Prompt: Moving Day

It looks like I’m leaving my beloved Scotland for my beloved London. This has only just become official and as I look around the house, I wonder how I could have acquired so much stuff in 10 years. What is coming with me and what is expendable? The cat, clearly, is the first to come along. Next, my hundreds and books and my clothes. The rest, i confess, I care little about. 

So, how do I solve the problem of packing my belongings when I don’t know where I;m going to put them, where I’m ultimately going to live and how soon I’m shifting from my house?

More importantly, what do I have with me that is of sentimental value and what are things that remind me of times and places I’d sooner forget?

Look around the house. If you had 60 seconds to grab something before your house burns down, what would it be and why?

Write about something dear to you. 

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