Writing Prompt: Disconnected

One of the great distractions I have when it come to writing it technology. I know, I’m blogging, I’m writing this on a laptop. What I mean is that it is too easy to get caught up in social networks, to read the news, to watch hours of YouTube videos. For months, I’ve been without an Internet connection at home in the evenings. I have found that without it, I’m less likely to worry about what is going on in the office after hours, I don’t leap to my laptop the minute I’m back from the office, I don’t pick fragments of food from my plate as I balance my computer and a plate on my knees. 

I’m calmer, I’m clearer. 

Now, as of this evening. I have wifi……

I could be terrified that I’ll slip into my old habits of working at all hours and neglecting my creative time, but instead, having learned what it is to disconnect, I’m going to take the opportunity to turn tech to my favour and blog more frequently. This past few months, I have continued to write, but mainly on paper, which is not a bad thing, but blogging has been a great way to share…

So, try this – go tech free (not counting work) for a week, write about how it feels to be offline for a little while. Alternatively, write on the subject of isolation or what it is to be disconnected from something/someone. 


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