Writing Prompt: Strangers on a train

As I glanced along the train carriage, most people were wearing headphones. I tried to imagine what each of them was listening to based on what they were wearing, but that i really next to impossible.

I examined each of them, what they wore, how they stood, how they leaned into their seats and the state of their bags. Each of them was going somewhere, either to work or to sightsee in London or to some unknown appointment.

This prompt is easy. Two options:

1. Ride a bus or train and pick a stranger. Based on their appearance, make up a destination for them. Where are they going, who are they meeting, what is their history…

2. Write a story about an encounter between two strangers on a train. Given them dialogue and action in that journey, but don’t let the story leave the train carriage or bus…


Have fun.

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