Writing Prompt: The Quiet Hour

I’ve been in a small, but comfortable room in a bed an breakfast in Tobermoray all afternoon. It was good to be in a clean, soft bed with nothing but my book and quiet. From the window I can see a see-saw, a trampoline and a narrow road to a farm behind the house. There is little traffic or noise on this island and I’m amazed that after ten years in Scotland I never found this little piece of peace before.

I could spend a month in a place like this. Once, about twelve years ago, I did have the good fortune to spend a month in a Torlundy farmhouse. I had an endless supply of tea, a view of Ben Nevis and my laptop. Back then, I didn’t have the pressures I have now, and I didn’t realise what I had before me. Now. I seek out quiet little corners where I can think , read and write.

Think about your perfect calm place. Describe it. Next, write a short story about someone who is isolated in a quiet place for an extended period of time. How do they react to being on their own. Be sure to describe their surrounding an how it influences their view of the world.

I’m going to spend the next, calm, quiet hour writing, just for myself  – I might gaze out the window a wee bit….

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