Writing Prompt: On the Road (Vienna to London)

I’ve had a good trip and got to see more of the city than I expected. The trip over was a bit of a drag owing to a rainstorm that left us grounded in Heathrow for 2 and a half hours. It was made more interesting by the fact that I was seated next to a 5-year old Canadian girl with the energy of a hyper-active boarder collie on speed with a double espresso in its system.


She was sweet and called “Abigail” as I learned through her mother’s attempt to keep her calm and entertained both during the down time on the runway and mid-air. She was sweet, referring to herself as the “Princess of Canada”. Later, when we hit turbulence, “Abby” forgot her enthusiams for flying and chatting to strangers and proceeded to grip not only “Queen Mommy’s” hand, but also my own. Cute kid really.

So, here is sit in Vienna, waiting for the journey home, wondering how I will meet on route. Funny thing, travel brings people out of their shells sometimes, it’s a great social leveller. You’re stranded on a train, stuck on a runway, crawling through traffic, stuck on the list in the Underground.

Next time you’re in transit, see if you can strike up a chat with a stranger, just chitchat. See what you learn…

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