Writing Prompt: On the Road (London to Edinburgh)

As I boarded the plane, all I could think about was how familiar this was all getting, as though I was in some Groundhog Day scenario where I repeat everything over and over. I waited in the queue, I boarded, showed my boarding pass, chose my seat, shoved my bag in the overhead locker, settled in, closed my eye, waited for take off, ordered the 2 wines for £7 deal, plugged in my headphones….waited, was told to turn it off for landing, landed, got off the plane, wandered out…. This is my usual Thursday. Tomorrow, I’ll do the trip in reverse at 5am, substituting wine for coffee.

It’s amazing how much time travel takes from your life, but if love what you do and you have something you care about at the other end, it’s worth it. I know it has been done, but try writing your own version of Groundhog’s Day.

If you could repeat the same day over and over without your actions living in the memory of the people around you, without there being a change in the season or the environment around you, how would you spend your unlimited day?

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