Writing Prompt: On the Road (London to Oslo)

I sat on the runway in London on the way to Oslo and when I glanced out the window there was an abandoned suitcase on the tarmac. I studied it for a moment, noting the baggage tag and realised that the baggage handlers must have dropped it when they unloaded the previous flight.

I wondered what was inside it and my first thought was of the person waiting at the baggage claim area, watching the carousel going round and round, wondering where in the world there belongings could be. I considered what precious possession might be in there and I tried to imagine be the look of the bag who it belonged to and where they were going.

It was a fashionable thing, made of what appeared to be canvas with an modern, sort of paint splattered design on a beige background. The handle, a light brown colour had the tag which flapped in the wind as though waving, trying to alert someone to its presence.

I flagged an air hostess and pointed out what I was seeing. She climbed into the row where I sat and leaned over me to look out the window.

“I’ll let the captain know.” She said. That was all.

When she disappeared up the aisle, I began to wonder what I had done. With security on high alert, I had images of being the one that told someone to tell someone to handle a bag that could have a bomb in it. I imagined being responsible for some horrible event, of my plane in flames, all because of me.

20 minutes later, the bag and such thoughts vanished.

So, for this prompt, imagine yourself sitting on a plane, witnessing something, anything. Another alternative, write a narrative about the person waiting for their bag to appear. Is there something special they would lament losing?

Safe travels…

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