Writing Prompt: Picnic

It rained today. As I walked through the park, I remembered a time many years ago when I passed people having a picnic in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and it began to rain. It didn’t start as a light drizzle, there was no warning. It came, like an uninvited guest to ruin the day. People scrambled around, gathering their things, protecting their food and their portable stereo (yes, it was an old handheld stereo), making their way out the park gate as fast as their converse all stars could carry them.

As I saw them leave, I found a grassy spot beneath a tree and got soaked. I lifted my head to the heavens and closed my eyes, feeling a cold water run down my cheeks and down the back of my neck. In minutes, my clothes were sticking to me and the rain in my eyes made it hard for my contact lenses to focus. It was nice to look at the world through a blur.

I wonder what this group of people were talking about and what they were eating before the rain forced them out. Part of me wishes I had been with them and convinced them to stay. There was something soothing in watching the damp world shimmering around me and I really wishes I had a little glass of their rose with me.

Write about a picnic. Write about one you’ve experienced or make something up about a picnic disrupted by rain. What if the people choose to stay – what happens?


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