Writing Prompt: Brainstorm

A few time this year, I’ve struggled with knowing what to write about. This blog is supposed to help me, but sometime, even this isn’t enough. I tried something random yesterday. I sat on the tube on the way to work reading my Kindle. As I read “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, I suddenly felt the urge to close my eyes and think about things I knew about. They say write what you know, but I worry that what I know can be too revealing, so I write about observations rather than from experience. However, as I sat there, eyelids shut, I began to hone in on a few subjects that unsavoury or no, might be of interest to people. I ran through a series of words and locations, images, memories and people I knew. From that word association in my head came the inspiration for a story, one I mean to write.

Try this, close your eyes and start thinking about what you’ve done in your life, from the trivial to the extraordinary. Throw in a few interesting people in your life. What characteristics are potentially something you can borrow for your characters?

It doesn’t need to make sense or have structure, just write a series of thoughts and use word association to keep going. Have fun, good luck.

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