Writing Prompt: Liar

Lies can be interesting vehicles within storytelling. When you think about it, lies are just mini stories as fabricated by the teller. 

Try a couple of these:

1. Write a scene where a child tells a lie to a parent or teacher. What is the motivation? What is their reason for the lie? In their eyes, why is it necessary?

2. Write a scene where a friend lies to one or more friends. What are the consequences if they don’t tell the lie?

3. Write a narrative where the entire scene is written in dialogue. The main character tells a lie and is caught. How do they (if they do) talk their way out of it?

Have fun. 

Writing Prompt: My Family

Most of us have interesting families. It just doesn’t always seem that way because we’re used to them.

This is easy. Write a short paragraph about each member of your family. Describe them physically, then write a list of their personality traits. Finally, write down one specific memory about them individually. If you want to keep going, write down a memory about your family in a group environment.

You’ll be surprised at what comes out.

Writing Prompt: Art Appreciation

I found a picture in a box that I bought three years ago and never hung on the wall. I hunted around the room for a nail and hammer. The nail was found in some plastic attached to the back of the picture, but in order to get it in the wall, I had to resort to the wide heel of one of my shoes. Crude, but effective.

Once it was up, I stood back and looked at it a while. It occurred to me, that quite by chance, most of the art that covers my walls is of a similar style. So, I thought I’d share the prints I have here.

So, what does this sample of art from my room say about me?

What does your taste in art say about you?

Write about what inspires you.

Writing Prompt: These Four Walls

For six days I’ve barely moved. I cough and sneeze and sputter, but I don’t venture out.

Imagine what it must be like to have a long term illness. The trapped helpless feeling that must make it difficult to cope or stay positive. I find it difficult to think about without guilt for my usual good health.

However, if you can, write a short narrative about someone bed ridden for a long time. How do they stay positive? What is it about their situation or the people around them that keeps them going?

Good luck.

Writing Prompt: My 5 words

Sometimes you need a hand finding the write words to lick start a story. Try this, pick up a dictionary and open it at random 5 times.

Fine one word each time and jot it down.

Once you have five words, write a sentence using them. Next, try to write a paragraph using all of the words. See what comes out.

My 5 words for today:






Have fun!

Writing Prompt: Happy New Year

The new year is here and sadly I’ve been ill. I was surrounded by my dearest friends and that made me happy, but it was hard to lay on the sofa feeling miserable while everyone else had fun. It was good to have everyone with me and it made me realise how fortunate I have been in my friends. It also made me realise that with my friends nearby I have no excuse to see more of them.

That is my one and only resolution. I want to spend more time with the people that are dear to me. I have been much to much within myself and absorbed in my own life.

So, if you had to choose only one resolution, what would it be? Write about your resolution and how you’ll achieve it.

Happy New Year. 🙂

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