Writing Prompt: Cooking Class

I looked in the fridge and found a load of random ingredients. A basket of tomatoes, an onion, some tomato puree, some prawns and a ciabatta loaf. On the window sill there was my basil plant, wilting a little due to lack of sun and water. I filled a wine glass that rested on the counter and poured it into the thirsty plant then plucked some leaves from it. I had an idea. 

A half hour later, I had a lovely plate full of bruschetta. 

Go to the kitchen, have a rummage and see what you can create. While you cook, think about the process. Write down not only what you’re doing, but go into detail. Describe the texture of food, the smell, colour, feeling. Describe the heat of the oven and the cold of the fridge. What random items are there to inspire you? Have fun, enjoy and relax. 

Bon appétit!



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