Writing Prompt: Children and Animals

They say you should never work with children or animals. I’ve been trying to write, but my parent;s dogs keep making a row. Imagine 5, yes, 5 small yappy dogs that want attention at all times and seem to be high on kibble. The result is an ungodly noise that would inspire one to search the house for arsenic.

However, as I look out the french doors to the garden, I can see my mother out there playing with her dogs. They love her, that is clear and she talks to them and takes great pleasure in their company.

I love my cat and I’ve been just as guilty as my mother in ignoring the fault of my precious, sofa scratching, mess-making, attention seeking moggie.

When it comes to kids, I’m a bit all over the place too. I like other people’s children, but have no idea how they work. I’m pretty sure which end is up and when I’m trying to talk to the “grown ups” I try not to show my irritation when the crying starts. Having said that, they’re a great source of entertainment. They have an honesty that we lose as years go by. They fall over, have a sniffle then they’re up. I guess it’s easier for them as they have a shorter distance to fall…

Try writing a story where either an animal or a child are the main characters. Try to see the world from their point of view. Rerun the dog is sitting next to me, quiet for the first time all morning. He’s licking his paws and on occasion, glances at the TV. Linus, the other dog, has also settled on the sofa and is now snoring. Do dogs dream, I wonder?

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